The Funding Neuro team and our many supporters have raised millions of pounds towards developing cures for neurological disorders.

If you would like to donate to our great cause please get in touch.
We would be delighted to hear from you.

Call us on 0141 465 6840, email us at or use the form below.

Alternatively you can give to us directly via:


Electronic Transfer

To donate by electronic transfer through your on-line banking, you will need these details:

Account Number: 65455580
Sort Code: 08-92-99
Bank: The Co-operative Bank

Donate by Post

To donate by post send a cheque payable to ‘Funding Neuro’ to

Funding Neuro
Hillington Park
Innovation Centre
1 Ainslie Road
G52 4RU

Cash Donations

Please do not send cash by post. If you have collected money for Funding Neuro, please send us your cheque to our postal address or contact the fundraising team to arrange for it to be collected.

Gift Aid

We are eternally grateful to you for taking the time to support us!

If you are willing to make a donation, or you already have, you can add even more value to your gift to Funding Neuro by adding Gift Aid.

This simply means if you are a UK tax payer, the Inland Revenue will contribute an extra 25p for every £1 you donate, which will increase the value of your donation by a quarter! If you are eligible for this, let us know and we will send you our Gift Aid form for you to complete and to return to us, and we will of course be in touch to say thank you!

To learn more about Gift Aid and the rules and regulations surrounding it, please have a look at the HMRC website, which you can find here.

Every Penny Counts

If you’re a business, you can help us by having a Funding Neuro collection can in your place of work to drop loose change into. When this gets full, just give us a call and we’ll uplift and replace it.

If you are at home, collect your change in a can and when it gets full, either count up the money and send us a cheque for the equivalent or contact us to arrange for it to be collected!

JustGiving/ Virgin Giving/ BT Donate

Perhaps you have decided to take on your own personal challenge and support Funding Neuro while you are doing it? We are registered on Just Giving, Virgin Giving and BT Donate where you can set up your own fundraising page and direct your contacts there to donate online. The donation will come to us – hassle free for you – if this is your preferred option, please visit the sites below using the links to set up your page or call the fundraising team for help.


Virgin Giving

Bt Donate

As well as being simple and hassle free way to collect your sponsor money, JustGiving also makes your challenge easy to promote. As well as being able to email your page web-link to potential donors, you can use your facebook and twitter accounts to promote your challenge.

We’re still on hand to help!

Fundraising online doesn’t mean that we won’t be supporting you all the way.

We regularly check the progress of our online fundraisers and we are more than happy to provide paper forms and other fundraising materials, fundraising advice and general support…if you would like them.

Other ways to get involved

Or maybe, just maybe, you would like to come to one of our events or organise your own.

Either way get in touch – we’d love to help.

Our esteemed supporters
Funding Neuro supporter