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Community Fundraising  with Funding Neuro.
We are a rapidly growing charity with big ambitions. Reaching out to the community is one of the key ways in which we raise vital funds. In order to pioneer new treatments for serious brain conditions. We also rely on community support to generate the income we need to run an effective organisation. In other words we do not receive any funding from government.

We run a series of inspiring fundraising events throughout the year. Whilst our friends and supporters organise many fundraising challenges and events of their own. Together we’re able to raise the money we need to drive forward the essential research we support.

A Funding Neuro fundraiser in action.
If you share our vision for finding powerful new treatments for serious brain disorders why not take on a challenge. Organise an event or hold a collection to support us? How about setting yourself a life-changing challenge? Or fitting some fundraising for us into your daily life? Whether it’s a sponsored bike ride or climbing a mountain, a collection at a school fete or a birthday party, no matter who you are, there is some way you can help us.

If you have any great ideas of your own we haven’t thought of, why not let us know? Whatever you do, please join our Funding Neuro Facebook Community.

In 2017 we launched our Summer Challenge – a fundraising platform for an individual or team to come up with an idea, make it happen, and raise vital funds for one of our neurological disorders or contribute towards our charity, please contact

Funding Neuro tries to support all our fundraisers. From giving you money-making ideas to supplying promotional material (collecting cans, branded t-shirts, banners), just get in touch and we’ll try our best to ensure your fundraising activity is as successful – and fun – as possible.


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