Corporate partnerships

We are a rapidly-growing innovative charity who does things differently. Now is a great time to align your business with an ambitious young organisation that wants to change the world and is uniquely structured to do so.

Funding Neuro is committed to forging a successful partnership with your business that meets your goals, not just ours. We listen to what you want, then work with you to deliver a carefully-tailored and unique relationship. Our partnerships are about more than just money. They provide a genuine relationship that gives the benefits that matter to your company whilst you all support a ground-breaking cause.

There are so many ways your business with your staff’s expertise and enthusiasm can help us.  We have a fun calendar of events. But they’re not just fun. They are also great team-building opportunities that all of your staff can benefit from. We can provide you with expert support – from generating ideas to planning a bespoke fundraising calendar.

We have fantastic event sponsorship opportunities to suit all budgets. By talking to us we can explore with you what tangible benefits we can deliver for your company to really enhance your brand and profile. Donating your time, skills or products can also make a vital contribution to Funding Neuro’s work.

By choosing Funding Neuro as your company’s charity partner you can help us save lives. This is your chance to associate your brand with an up-and-coming charity ahead of your competitors, a charity that is growing in profile and already having a real impact on the lives of many.

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