About Funding Neuro

Professor Gill of Bristol University at work.
Our aim is to accelerate the development of new treatments for many of the most serious neurological conditions. We provide solutions to the serious failings across neurosurgical care. We do not focus on one single neurological condition nor do we duplicate the work being carried out by other charities. Instead we identify the issues that hinder progress and find solutions so that research and innovative therapies can be accelerated.

To do this we need to ensure that promising clinical research can find its way out of the lab and to the patient in the treatment room. By focusing on translating breakthrough research into breakthrough treatments, we believe we can revolutionise the effectiveness of neurological care.

Often universities and research funders are not set up to take their research beyond the lab. Pharmaceutical companies often experience difficulties in putting promising new drugs to clinical trial. Health providers like the NHS simply do not have the funds or facilities to provide all proven new treatments even when these hurdles have been overcome. Money invested into research is often not producing benefits for the patient. Funding Neuro wants to overcome this fragmentation with some proper joined-up thinking.

Funding Neuro supported young Aiden Taunton in her battle against DIPG.
So what do we do in practice?
  • We work with the NHS and other care providers, universities, government, industry, and philanthropists and other charities.
  • We are undertaking a series of clinical trials across a range of conditions which are likely to lead to new recognised treatment options.
  • These trials are based around showing that a revolutionary new device for getting drugs into the affected area of the brain, called CED, can be effective across a whole range of debilitating conditions.
  • The results of CED-based treatment are proving to be stunning.
But this is only half the story:
  • We will build the infrastructure so that these new treatments are going to be made available to as many as possible of those patients who will benefit from them.
  • We will also continue to invest in ongoing research to make these treatments more and more effective and ensure breakthroughs in treating more and more neurological conditions.
We are working in one of the most exciting areas of medical progress today. After 40 years of treading water, at last we are at the edge of a real revolution in neurosurgery. Funding Neuro is determined to translate this promise into a better life for those dealing with serious brain disorders.



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