The Funding Neuro story

The Funding Neuro Story began as “Wobbly Williams” in 2007 after its founder Bryn Williams was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at the age of only 36.

Bryn made the life-changing decision that he would laugh in the face of Parkinson’s Disease and help find a cure.  He didn’t he stop there. Bryn found experts such as Professor Steven Gill in Bristol and other charities to support his journey. He then set about helping find the cures for many other debilitating and fatal brain disorders – Funding Neuro was born.

There are a number of excellent charities that support specific neurological conditions. None that focus on the common problems that affect all conditions. Funding Neuro seeks out medical professionals that are developing new technology and innovative research. Also eliminating the problems that prevent the research getting into the patient.  As with anything new and innovative. It can often be difficult to obtain funding for what many see as ‘high risk’.  High risks often result in accelerated cures – and that’s what Funding Neuro are here for.

In 2014, Funding Neuro appointed Sharon Kane, their first Chief Executive Officer. The charity has grown its team to six people. Following a successful crowd funding appeal, Funding Neuro are now set to embark on their first fully funded trial. With Professor Gill, in an attempt to extend life and ultimately help find the cure for the deadliest children’s brain cancer DIPG.

The breakthrough Convection Enhanced Delivery has opened up the possibilities of better treating numerous conditions.  In the immediate future, Funding Neuro are planning to fund and support clinical trials for Glioblastoma, Huntington’s Disease and Motor Neurone Disease.  Getting the treatments from the lab and into the patient is now a priority for the charity.

From its ‘Wobbly’ beginnings, Funding Neuro continues to grow stronger and provide real hope to people faced with these devastating and life threatening conditions.
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