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Professor Steven Gill

Professor Steven Gill is a Bristol based Neurosurgeon and founder of the Functional Neurosurgery (FNS) research group within the University of Bristol. His laboratory focuses on the development of drugs for delivery by Convection Enhanced Delivery (CED). Including chemotherapies, neuro trophins, enzymes, nanoparticles and viral vectors. The FNS lab has expertise in patient derived tumour cell line culture, small animal tumour models and has well established standard operating procedures for toxicology studies.

In September 2019 Professor Gill was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from The European Association of Neurosurgical Societies.
Professor Gill has been the Clinical Director for Renishaw plc for the past 12 years, during which time he has developed and tested intra parenchymal drug delivery systems.

Professor Gill and his Team in surgery – courtesy of Passionate productions

Work with CED…

Convection-Enhanced Delivery (CED), is a new pathway of delivering drugs to the brain. Doing this by getting past the protective layer of blood surrounding the brain, called the blood brain barrier. CED works across a range of neurological conditions. Delivering the drugs directly into the areas of the brain effected. This pathway can be used for neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, Motor Neuron Disease and Brain tumours.

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Professor Steven Gill receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award from the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies in 2019


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