A great day for the ladies lunch!

A great day for the ladies lunch!

Posted on 6th June 2019
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Another great year for the Ladies Lunch!

Sunday the 2nd of June so the return of our ladies lunch day and what a day it was. Edward Reid returned to show off his entertaining skills and as usual did not disappoint. So we at Funding Neuro would like to thank him for all his great work on the day. We would also like to thank the wonderful Soho, Glasgow for going above and beyond. They have supported the charity for a number of years and without their incredibly generous support the day just wouldn’t be the same.

Soho Glasgow

Funding Neuro Ladies Lunch host Edward Reid
Host Edward Reid







What we raised…

Thanks to the sold out event we were able to raise an amazing £4,415 that will help to further the work of Funding Neuro. Without the support of all who attended, we would not be able to continue the pursuit of bringing cure’s to those who suffer from neurological conditions. For this we thank all our supporters and hope to see you all again at the next Funding Neuro event!

  ladies lunch thank you

Our esteemed supporters
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