Annette's 50th Challenge!

Annette's 50th Challenge!

Posted on 6th March 2019

Annette’s 2500 miles, 50 week Challenge!

annette-running-closer-credit-Bruce-MacKenzie-1-720x340This year sees a special birthday for one of our Funding Neuro supporters. Annette Flaherty is turning 50 and has decided to make this memorable birthday even more so. By taking on a quite a challenge…she will run 50 miles per week for 50 weeks! 

Yes… thats right 50 Miles per week for 50 weeks.  A total of 2500 miles in 2019 to raise money for two charities that are close to her heart. FUNDING NEURO and ST ANDREWS HOSPICE.

The mum-of-two from Airdrie said: “There is still a long way to go to reach the target of 2500 miles in 50 weeks but I am very positive. My 10th week feels like a big milestone. Although some people do still think I am crazy for taking this on.”

Annette says “I have long been impressed by the amazing work they are doing using the Convection-enhanced delivery system to treat brain disorders, including Parkinson’s and DIPG, the deadliest children’s brain cancer. I wanted to do something to raise funds for this pioneering charity.”

Our Half a Hunner Runner

The team here at Funding Neuro want to shine as much light as we can on Annette to thank her for taking on such a great challenge. You can read more about Annette’s story in this weeks Seven days magazine in a brilliant column by Fiona Russel or by viewing the article on her website Fiona Outdoors.


We will have updates on Annette’s journey throughout this year long challenge. You can also keep right up to date with her progress and see any video diaries by visiting the Funding Neuro Facebook and Instagram  liking our page and experiencing the challenge with her.

How can you help?

Any donation no matter how small will help Annette to reach her goal. To help continue the work of her chosen charities.

To support Annette or see how her fundraising is going please visit:

Are you interested in supporting the challenge in another way?

Get in touch with us on 0141 465 6840 or email


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