Coronavirus: A message from Funding Neuro

Coronavirus: A message from Funding Neuro

Posted on 23rd March 2020
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Coronavirus  (Covid-19)

The situation is a worrying one for all at the moment, but even more so for people who have underlying health problems, including neurological conditions. The links below provide support and guidance related to Covid-19, for specific neurological diseases.

I would like to thank our donors and volunteers that have allowed us to support the ground-breaking research to date.  I can reassure you that the work continues in preparation for the clinical trials we are expecting to start over the next few months, so that we are ready when the impact of Covid-19 is over.

It is going to be an exceptionally difficult time for the charity sector, with millions of pounds lost because of cancelled events and the financial uncertainty experienced by so many.  We are no exception, and this will have a significant impact on our income and ability to generate income over the next few months. We will update the website with details of any postponed or cancelled events.   We will manage the situation so that we are in the best position to be able to continue the life changing research now and in the future.

You can continue to contact Funding Neuro by the usual number 0141 465 6840, or mail to Funding Neuro, Innovation Centre, 1 Ainslie Road, Glasgow, Hillington, G52 4RU.

Our thoughts are with everyone at this difficult time, but we will get through this if we work together, please follow the government guidelines and stay safe.

Best wishes

Sharon Kane



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