Documentary Winner

Documentary Winner

Posted on 19th November 2019
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Grierson Award Winning Documentary

The BBC Parkinson’s Drug Trial: A Miracle Cure has won the 2019 Grierson Award for Best Science Documentary. The Parkinson’s’ Disease programme follows a group of volunteers with Parkinson’s’ disease. As they take part in a groundbreaking medical trial testing a drug called GDNF.  Showing the ups and downs of a clinical drug trial over 2 years. The BBC two documentary took the winning prize against some stiff competition.  This is a great win for all those involved in making the documentary. Showcasing this incredibly brave group of volunteers looking for hope.
Sargent Disc collecting Best Science Documentary award

The Journey continues…

Darren Calder one of the 42 participants in the trial has been campaigning to raise the money needed for the phase 3 stage. Darren and his wife Jayne have been campaigning tirelessly for the phase 3, along with other volunteers on the trial.  They have created a very informative website about Parkinson’s’ Disease. Hosting fundraising events you can attend, as well as reading about the journey they find themselves on. To support this work you can visit the website below.

Donations can be made to the Phase 3 trial through Darren and Jayne’s website and his dedicated Just Giving page

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